Recruitment marketing

Reach top talent in digital spaces with an insight-led approach to talent attraction. Craft captivating recruitment marketing campaigns to meet urgent demand or raise employer brand awareness.

Connecting and resonating with potential candidates in the spaces they spend time is the key to recruitment success.

Our team of recruitment & marketing experts can help build or refine your employer brand, showing your company values and what makes you unique. We can develop digital attraction strategies, including social media and recruitment marketing, to ensure your messaging reaches engaged and relevant people.

Putting in the groundwork to create a robust recruitment marketing campaign now, could help you reduce recruitment costs and see a better quality of hire in the future.

Services you can access include


Social Media

Organic and paid content that sparks conversation and inspires conversion.


Employer branding

Authentic brands rooted in insight and designed to stand out.


Digital Advertising

Putting your brand front and centre with Google Ads and Facebook Instant Experience.


SEO & Content

Content Marketing that drives traffic and improves search rankings.


Performance Reporting

Using analytics to refine and improve your brand’s performance.


Candidate Attraction

Integrated campaigns designed to engage and inspire talented people.

We have a proven track record of helping employers, such as those listed below, to carry out intelligent and creative recruitment marketing campaigns on an international level.


Case study: iRobot

iRobot wanted to increase their visibility in the technology space, effectively communicate their company culture, and become the destination for the top talent in the tech industry.

After conducting in-depth market research, our creative team built an employer brand and digital recruitment marketing campaign that would cut through the noise. The messaging focussed on the people behind the business and the value that they bring.


Talent Works specializes in creating creative recruitment marketing campaigns fuelled by insight. Contact us to find out how our digital approach to talent attraction could help you compete for the best talent, promote urgent vacancies, and showcase your company culture.